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3 Easy Ways To Curb Your Appetite.

Jon Benson just sent me a killer email describing 3 easy ways to curb your appetite.

This is eye-opening... so enjoy!


3 tricks to suppress your appetite



"Favorite Foods" Dietplan Diagram: Check Here

"3 Reasons Dietplans Fail YOU": Check Here
Another good article appeared today in the fitness section of MSNBC.
Since you're busy, I'll do a quick summary of the article -- the good stuff, the bad stuff, and what you need to do today to get started...
First, you need to know this...
And this will probably shock you...
Rarely, if EVER, do you need to suppress your appetite!
The real secret is to increase your metabolism... the rate at which your body uses food for fuel. Then being hungry is a good thing... as long as you're eating the right foods at the right time. Jon Benson's "Favorite Foods" plan is a great way to do this...
Watch Here
But let's say you want to curb your appetite at night.... that's the time most people really lose it on a dietplan. Even on a plan that ASKS you to eat frequently like mine, there are times where night-time cravings need to be put to sleep.
So use these tips from the article to ease the urge to eat at night:
1. Protein First
As Jon stresses in his dietplan, "Rise and shine with protein." But what does this have to do with night-time cravings?
Set the body up to use your own fat-stores for fuel by eating protein in the morning and your appetite FOR fatty foods goes way down during the day and the night. Protein is "thermogenic", meaning it helps increase your metabolism. It also acts as a natural appetite regulator.
Notice I said "regulator" and not "suppressant." That's because you only need to regulate your appetite, no matter how much bodyfat you desire to drop.
Jon explains more here:
Watch Yourself
Cool, right?
2. Go For The Grapefruit
In a study at the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego, people who ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost an average of 3.6 pounds in three months. That doesn't sound like a lot (and it isn't) but that's ALL they changed.
It doesn't matter for our purposes... we want to lower insulin at night. Why? Insulin is not only dangerous for your health in excess but it also can cause a LOT of fat storage if secreted too much at night. Enter the lowly grapefruit.
A great snack, especially if you have a few bites of lean protein with it.
3. Smell This!
This is a trick I didn't know about until recently.
Smelling food can trick your brain into thinking you've eaten.
A recent study found that those who inhaled peppermint in scent form every 2 hours at (get this) 2700 calories LESS per week than they normally did.
Let me put that in perspective: That's a fatloss of more than half a pound a week... from sniffing peppermint!
Vanilla also works. You can keep vanilla-scented drops or even candles around the office and take a wiff every few hours.
How easy is that?
The Bad Part
The MSNBC article goes on with advice like "eat potatoes" and "eat just a little bit of fat", both of which are nonsense.
Potatoes may fill you up, but they are still starch - and starch should be consumed on your "off" days.
Potatoes are especially bad due to the higher-than-desired glycemic index of 85 (anything over 50 is too high.)
You also need dietary fat... and not just "a little." You need a moderate amount to stay healthy and keep insulin regulated.
Olive oil and even coconut oil are excellent sources, as are naturally occurring fats in fresh fish, grass-fed beef, farm-raised chicken and whole eggs.
The rest of the article is common sense stuff: Workout, eat dense food that requires you to chew a lot (tire out the jaw muscles and you naturally eat less), etc.
The top 3 are the real winners.
P.S. You may be wondering, "How do you eat your favorite foods (like pizza or burgers) and still stay so fit?"
The answer is here: Check the answer
P.P.S. I found another really good article you may want to check out as well. It's all about how dietplans fail YOU... and this may do more than relieve some "guilt" you might have over the start/stop dieting so many of us have gone through.
Read it here:

And here's some more goodies below...

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Potatoes, Glycemic Index, and "White Foods" - Friend or Foe for a Lean-Body?

Please find here article of Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Potatoes, Glycemic Index, and "White Foods" - Friend or Foe for a Lean-Body?
by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

I'd like to start a little discussion today about carbohydrates... and in particular, "white foods" as well as potatoes. One reason I wanted to mention this is because so many health and fitness professionals trash talk potatoes about being a bad carbohydrate choice because of the high glycemic index. Some even say such ridiculous things as "avoid any and all white carbohydrates".

Ok, now while I certainly agree that white bread and refined white sugar are two of the worst things we can be feeding our bodies, I definately don't agree with avoiding any and all "white carbohydrates". Now I know all of the buzz lately has been about colorful foods and the protective antioxidants that they contain. They tell you to focus on colors and stay away from white.

"White Foods" aren't necessarily always the enemy

It's true that colorful foods are great, but it is a big mistake to specifically avoid white foods! There are plenty of white foods that have specific nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere. Let's look at a few examples...

Onions & Garlic

What about onions and garlic? They are both white and they are chock full of protective phytonutrients, vitamins, and trace minerals that aren't easy to find elsewhere in a normal diet... such nutrients as allicin, quercetin (an important flavonoid), chromium, and other unique anti-inflammatory nutrients.


Another example of something white that is great for you is cauliflower. Cauliflower is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, minerals, and special compounds such as glucosinolates and thiocyanates, which are specifically abundant in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. And a little-known fact is that some of the compounds in cruciferous vegetables help to combat other estrogenic compounds in our food supply and environment and can help prevent excess belly fat. So eat up on that cauliflower!


Not many people realize this, but surprisingly, even white mushrooms have high levels of unique nutrients and antioxidants. White mushrooms are high in a couple types of antioxidants called polyphenols and ergothioneine.


Now that also leads us to another example - white potatoes (which by the way, can also be found in red, yellow, purple varieties, etc). Many health professionals claim that potatoes are a bad carbohydrate because they are thought to have a high glycemic index. First of all, if you've read my Truth about Six Pack Abs book, then you understand that glycemic index is not necessarily the most important factor in choosing your carbohydrates.

While a generalization can be made that most low glycemic index carbohydrate choices will help you lose body fat easier than high glycemic index choices, it is not all that it's cracked up to be. There are many other factors that determine how your body will react-to and process the carbohydrates you ingest, such as glycemic load and also how you combine the high GI food with other foods.

For example, using glycemic load as an example... it is known that watermelon has a high glycemic index. However, the glycemic load of a normal serving of watermelon is just way too low for your body to start packing on body fat just because you ate a high glycemic index fruit. You would have to eat such an enormous quantity of watermelon just to get enough grams of carbohydrates to have any negative glycemic effect, that it is just non-sensical.

Not to mention that watermelon is also a great source of vitamins, minerals, and lycopene. There's just no reason to avoid it simply because it has a high GI. My point is... candy bars, cupcakes, and donuts make you fat... NOT watermelons, carrots or potatoes... French fries excluded of course.

Also, as i mentioned, food combinations are important in how your body processes the carbohydrates and the associated blood sugar and insulin response you receive. For example, if you mix a high glycemic index carbohydrate with an extra source of fiber, healthy fats, or even certain proteins, many times the blood sugar and glycemic response will be slowed down considerably by the way you combined the food. Again, I talk in detail about this entire topic in my Truth about Six Pack Abs book

Alright, so back to my point that white potatoes are actually a healthy carbohydrate as long as you eat them in the right form... with the entire skin, and please don't ruin them by deep frying them into french fries either! French fries are one of the most evil things ever invented for your health, but only because we ruin them by soaking them in a scorching bath of trans fats in the deep fryer from the hydrogenated oils that are typically used.

Keep in mind that potatoes contain so many vitamins and minerals that the list is way too long to even try. Also, as long as you eat the skins, you get a decent shot of fiber too.

Will 7-9 potatoes per day make you fatter?

On the topic of potatoes not being so bad after all, I don't remember where I saw this referenced, but I recently saw a particular study that had participants eat something like 7-9 whole potatoes per day for several weeks.

At the conclusion of the study, the potato eaters had actually consistently lost weight! I'd venture a guess that the reason the people lost weight is that they were probably so full from eating all of those damn potatoes, that they actually consumed less calories than normal! An average sized potato only has about 100-120 calories, and I can surely imagine you'd be full constantly from eating 7-9 potatoes each day.

Now I would never recommend going to those extremes, but my point is that an occasional potato is not going to hurt your efforts to get lean, especially if you combine it with some other fibrous vegetables and maybe a healthy fat and some protein. On that note, I have one of my favorite recipes for you, using potatoes.

Geary's Lean-Body Potato Side Dish

•Desired quantity of baby potatoes (I like to use this mixture I found recently at a health food store... it is a mixture of white, red, yellow, and purple baby potatoes)
•1 red pepper
•1 green pepper
•1 yellow pepper
•1 or 2 onions
•a couple cloves of garlic, finely chopped
•1 or 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil and/or coconut oil
•a little salt and pepper to taste (I like using a sea salt instead of normal commercial salt)
Cut the baby potatoes into slightly smaller pieces and place in a steamer until soft all the way through. Slice up the peppers and onions into strips and add with the chopped garlic into a pan with the olive oil. Cook the peppers, onions, and garlic until tender, and then add the steamed baby potatoes. Stir it all together and serve. This is a delicious and healthy side dish that goes great with chicken or red meat.

I hope you've enjoyed this little topic today about potatoes, healthy carbohydrates, glycemic index, and my killer healthy potato recipe idea!

If you enjoyed this article today, feel free to copy/paste this link and email to your friends and family that would be interested.


Mike Geary
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Specialist

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Medical Emergency

My Medical Emergency; This Happened Todayby Jon Benson

Sometimes you have to nearly lose it all to realize what you truly have.
I can honestly say that I have come close to death several times in my life. I've had my share of accidents, medical emergencies, and a near-fatal accident while driving.
But there was something about just laying on the gym floor today with two doctors hovering over me that gave me serious pause.
Time for some major reflection.
Now, before you get too alarmed (for those who know me, or just think I'm a pretty good guy... ; )... fear not. I did not have a stroke or anything like that, thank goodness.
What I did have was a major drop in blood pressure... so much that I came dangerously close to entering the "coma" zone.
I kid you not.
And trust me... I felt like I was slipping fast.
My girlfriend was there with me. I had her kneel down and, just like Spock in an old episode of "Star Trek", I had her slap me several times in the face. Hard!
"If my eyes roll back, hit me harder."
The doctor probably thought I was nuts... but I know that's one way to elevate my blood pressure.
So, what happened? Am I falling apart at the relatively young age of 46? Is my dietary and exercise advise dangerous after all?
No... and here's why:
I actually VOLUNTEERED for this.
Before you think I've totally lost my marbles, hear me out. If you listen to the rest of the story, you'll see that not only has my advice been of great value when it comes to exercise and dietary strategy... it actually ended up saving my butt!

Really Bad Genetics Meets The Cath Lab: A Wild Encounter
First, the "volunteered for this" bit needs explaining... right? Right.
If you read my first book, published in 2004, called "Fit Over 40" (read more ) then you may recall that I went into great detail about my poor genetics and horrible health in my early and mid-30s.
Since then, and knowing exactly how bad my genetics are for such things as high blood pressure (oh, the irony!), heart disease, and stroke, I adopted the dietary plan and exercise routine I use to this very day. The very ones I cover in "The Every Other Day Dietplan" and "7 Minute Body."
(If you don't have these books and want them, you can get both here...
oh, and I have a short video up on this page if you have not seen on a 1-minute fatloss tip... )
Now, let's get real folks: Dietary power and exercise MAY not be enough to overcome really bad genetics when it comes to certain diseases. And being ever curious, I wanted to know exactly how my own health was doing on my plan. So a month or so ago I paid a visit to the hospital to have some tests ran. All my yearly check-ups were okay, but I wanted a closer look at my heart... and I mean "literally".
I wanted to be "cathed"... this is where they insert a camera into your heart, going up the femoral artery in your right leg, and take a look around. If they find anything dangerous, like a clogged artery, they can fix it right then and there with a stent. A stent is a metal device that presses plaque against the artery wall and opens up a clogged artery.
Of course I hoped I would not find such a thing... and certainly nothing worse. I mean, can you imagine? "Mr. Benson, you need a quadruple bypass!"
I could not, that's for sure... and I was fortunate because, as you probably guessed, I didn't hear those words from my doc.
It's hard to get a cath done as it's a risky procedure. I can't even tell you how I managed to pull it off ... that's how touchy the hospitals are when it comes to this kind of stuff. Afterwards, I volunteered to do 5-10 workouts at their heart care facility so I could hook myself up to some nifty gadgets. I get to watch my EKG (how my heart is functioning during cardio and weights... and it works like a charm!) and really nice doctor folks come by to check my blood pressure (which is always low) during the workout.
Yep... the doc and I wanted to put my workout plan to the test, I guess you could say. I wanted to do it just to make sure I was 100% healthy during my training. You never really "know" I suppose, so I was up for it. And my doctor wanted me to do it just in case what he found during the cath was serious. There's a lot to this process, and there's some details I don't wish to cover for privacy sake... but anyway, back to my story.
It's long, but it may save your life too. : )
The Good News... The Bad News...And The Stupid Jon News!
Turns to find out I made a few mistakes... some pretty costly mistakes... but (get this) none of them had to do with my dietary or exercise plan.
During the cath, here's what the doc said:
"Jon, your heart's two primary arteries look good... hardly any obstruction at all. And they are nice and thick from exercise." For a guy who has had a cholesterol level of over 400 before, and a history of heart disease in the family, this was really good news.
"However, your genetics are catching up to you in one of your arteries.... and you need to be more aggressive with your drug treatment to make sure we don't have to go back in here one day!"
Er... what??
Yep... turns out that the only thing that saved me from a BYPASS (that's right) was what the doctor called "an enormous amount of peripheral arteries formed from years and years of weight training and exercise."
"Look right here Jon..." (He showed me my beating heart on camera... freaky...) "See all these arteries? Well the average person doesn't have them. You do. Congratulations... you earned them."
Wow again. And remember, I only workout with weights 3-4 times per week and my workouts are rarely over 21 minutes (time under the weight.)
What I Did Right... And WhatI Did Wrong... And Why ThisCould Save Your Life
So, listen up folks as I'm about to tell you everything I did wrong for the past several years... how it ALMOST cost me dearly (a bypass?... no thanks!)... how I managed to prevent it... and how I ended up on the gym floor today with doctors all around me.
It's all related. And again, sorry for the novel-like email, but (again) this may save your life.
First, here's what my excellent cardiologist said I did RIGHT:
1. Exercise: "Jon, your exercise plan, to put it bluntly, saved you from a great deal of pain... in fact it probably saved your life as these blockages would have been far worse without it." With it, I had only one artery with enough blockage to warrant the drug therapy that I should have been on for years... more on that in a second...
2. Dietary plan: "Jon, your diet is perfect for this condition... low in carbs, high in protein and healthy fats is all anyone can do in order to help fight this genetic killer." Yep... again... prevention in the form of dietplan saved my butt. Or rather my heart. : ) But it wasn't enough... at least for one artery. However, it WAS enough to prevent them from having to do surgery on me.
"Jon, the take-away here is simple: Exercise and dietary plans, even the very best, may not be enough for super high-risk people... but in your case your lifestyle saved your life. And it certainly prevented you from having to have any serious surgery to correct a truly broken heart."
Talk about EXCITING news... yep... you CAN beat this killer, even when you have MY horrible family genetics. However, like me, you may need some help... more on that in a second.
3. Blood pressure: "Jon, your blood pressure is excellent. Your lifestyle and very low-dose diuretic has kept your formerly sky-high blood pressure (it was 200/110 when I was 32!) to an excellent 118/78." But you know doctors... even "excellent" isn't enough and they recommended a stronger BP med for "my intense weight training."
So, I listened... and ended up on the floor today. You see, many doctors do not realize the POWER of weight training compared to cardio. My blood pressure never budges during cardio, but less than 3 minutes into a resistance (weight-training) session it goes down like the stock market after a bad news day.
I mean SHOOTS down. I tried to explain this by letting the doctor see the veins in my legs... "Doc, my veins are MUCH larger than the average person's... trust me, my pressure is fine." "Jon, just try it for a few weeks."
Bad mistake.... like I said, I ended up on the gym floor today with a blood pressure of 72/45. If I hit 40, I'm literally in a coma. 5 points away... very scary. Needless to say the doc took me OFF these meds and let me do it my way: With my Every Other Day Dietplan (low-carb most of the days) and good-old exercise.
If you have high blood pressure, I URGE you to take up weight training or resistance (body-weight or band) training. Of course, ask your doc about it first... but I've seen first hand for three weeks now how powerful my weight training sessions are compared to intense cardio sessions.
They are night and day folks... weights RULE. Cardio is good, but weights are best. Both of course would be the best course for ultimate health, but most people do far too much cardio and far too little resistance training.
Now, here's what I did WRONG:
1. Cigars: "Jon, you cannot afford to smoke cigars... ever. They have lowered your protective HDL to a dangerous level. Stop NOW!" That's all it took folks. Yes, I smoked cigars for many years, but fortunately I was never an addict. I quit that very day.
Guess what? 10 days later my HDL DOUBLED (no kidding)... and without drugs. Of course that's not all I did...
2. Fat too LOW: "Jon, you've lowered your dietary fat too low... this affects your HDL." Yep, I normally eat about 35% dietary fat... and I cut it down to 20% to help me get ready for a photoshoot. Now that I put it back to where it belongs, I still have my abs (yep!) and my HDL is raising as I type.
3. Stress: "Jon, you are simply working too hard not to do some form of meditation or de-stressing." So I dove back into my meditation CDs. (I'll tell you more about Holosync and my hypnosis CDs in my next email... very cool stuff.)
4. Advil: "Jon, you take 4 Advil before you train? You're nuts! That stuff can cause sticky plaque formations!!" You know, I may never even had an issue if I had known this (and not smoked cigars) a few years ago. Live and learn!
5. And finally... oh, this hurt to hear... no drugs! "Jon, if you want to make sure you beat this thing, you simply must take some meds to help." Okay, I resisted any form of statin drug for the past 15 years (drugs to lower cholesterol.) I opted to try natural stuff... but unfortunately for me I was never too consistent. And I paid the price.
So the doc and I came to a compromise: I would take the LOWEST dose of statin along with 400 mg of CoQ10 (scary, but this was my idea, not his, and statins deplete this heart-friendly enzyme!) But I wanted a natural solution to the real issue: small particle LDL. You see, I've known for years that I carry the gene that makes LDL "small". LDL is not dangerous unless it is small... that's why "total cholesterol" means nothing to me. I've seen folks have heart attacks with a cholesterol level of 130. No joke. But their LDL was super-small... like mine.
And guess what? Dietplans cannot really help this. Well, they can HURT it (too many carbs, too many toxic fats, etc.) but they cannot shift the LDL from small to large.
For that, you need plain old niacin. Just a simple B vitamin... but in not-so-simple doses. In fact it's considered a drug at the dose you have to take, and you should NEVER take niacin over 50 mg without a doctor's supervision as it can be very toxic to the liver.
The Conclusion: The PowerIs In Your Hands
In conclusion, I'm A-Okay... my heart pumps and functions "like that of a strong 20-year-old" (my doctor's quote) thanks to the extra arteries I developed from my exercise program (how cool!) ... but in order to keep that one artery in check, I'm taking his advice and taking much better care of myself than I have been.
Today I learned that this does NOT mean taking blood pressure meds...thankfully... : ) But I had to make some changes. Some of them were "stupid" changes... sure, I know cigars are not good for you. I know you need good fats in your dietplan. I could have used common sense and figured out that 4-8 Advil on workout days was... well, stupid.
But the good news, which is what I choose to focus on, is this: In the areas that 95% of people NEVER change, I didn't have to change much at all.
Dietary plan and exercise.
Turns to find out that what I was doing works great... and it did, in fact, save my heart and quite possibly my life.
For more on my dietplan and exercise routine, go here:
Thanks for reading, and I wish all of you good health!
Yours In Fitness,
P.S. I got lucky in many ways, but especially so when it came to my doctors. Both of my doctors are young and savvy enough to be up on the latest research on nutrition. They know NOT to buy into this "low-fat" nonsense for heart health. (I'd use a harsher word, but kiddos may be reading... : ) That only works for about 10-15% of the population. The rest of us need to lower our CARBS, not our fats... but the way I do it I get to keep my favorite carbs in my dietplan every week.
The little that I do eat keeps me happy as a clam, and keeps my heart nice and healthy too. A little bit of bad food will not hurt most people... but eating it every day can flat-out kill you.
Please... take this seriously. I promise, my dietplan and exercise routine is a PLEASURE to follow... but if you don't follow it then find one that IS enjoyable for you to follow... and do it.
Life is too short, you know?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1-minute fatloss tip

1-minute fatloss tip
Got a minute?
That's all I need to share Jon Benson's first of many video-based 1-minute fatloss tips.
Go here for the first of many....
His new design is something to see too.
He will be posting his weekly live 1-minute video, tons of new features... even a "diet quiz" if you care to test your fatloss knowledge.
Plus his main presentation: "1 Tip To A Flat Belly!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

1 Unique Spice That Beats Abdominal Fat

1 Unique Spice That Beats Abdominal Fat:
Ok, this spice that I'm going to mention is one of the most overlooked, but healthiest spices in the world...
You might even call it a "fat burning spice"... in a roundabout way.
And yes, it can actually help you win the battle against abdominal fat if you use it daily...I'll explain why.
Here are some other benefits of this miracle spice:
*controls blood sugar levels*helps maintain insulin sensitivity*a very powerful antioxidant*may have antibacterial and antifungal properties*and dozens of other benefits
So what is this miracle spice?
Well... it's good old tasty Cinnamon!
Although cinnamon does not directly increase fat burning (such as by increasing metabolic rate, etc), it CAN actually help you to burn off abdominal fat and get leaner through an indirect link.
Here's how...
Although cinnamon has dozens of health benefits, the main benefit that will help you to get leaner is through it's strong effect on controlling blood sugar levels in your body.
In a study published in 2003 in the medical journal Diabetes Care, groups were split into people taking 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon per day in capsule form (the equivalent of approx 1/4th to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon).
The results of the study showed that all 3 amounts of cinnamon reduced fasting blood glucose levels by 18-29% after 40 days.
Cinnamon can also increase insulin sensitivity, which essentially means that it is helping your body to control blood sugar while simultaneously allowing your body to produce less insulin.
As you know, chronically high insulin levels can make your body pack on the blubber.
How to harness this to lose more fat...
One possible way to benefit from cinnamon to lose more fat is to use cinnamon daily in your meals when you can, such as in yogurt or cottage cheese, in smoothies, oatmeal, or anything else you can think of where it would go well.
Also, you could use a cinnamon capsule before each of your meals.
This could help to control blood sugar and insulin response from your meals and thereby control your appetite and cravings throughout the day... hence, helping you to lose body fat more effectively over time.
So now you can see that not only is cinnamon a powerful antioxidant that can help you stay youthful longer, it can also help you to control blood sugar and get a leaner body!
Note: please make sure to consult your doctor before adding any new foods or spices to your nutrition plan if you are taking any medications or have food allergies.
Go to the link below to discover over a dozen more unique foods, spices, and weird styles of workouts that help to burn your abdominal fat faster: CLICK NOW

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3 fast-food fatloss-tips

Believe it or not you can get lean by eating fast food.
I know, it sounds crazy... but in a few weeks I'm going to prove it to the world with the release of my newest mini e-book "Fast Food Fitness: How I Dropped 40lbs Eating Fast Food Every Day."
Do you think I'm joking? I'm not.
Of course there's a WAY to eat fast food and drop the pounds. You can't just eat like everyone else does. That's common sense.
And believe me, there are more healthy ways to drop the pounds than eating fast food... for sure.
But the way I figure it: Would you rather be healthIER and lean or UNhealthy and overfat?
Silly question... so consider "Fast Food Fitness" a path to the lesser of two evils... and one that actually got me to 10% bodyfat (that's pretty lean!) a few years ago.
Here's how it started:
I simply hate to cook! I have since solved that problem... I hired a part-time chef (it's cheaper than it sounds)... but until two years ago I was eating out every single meal... I mean EVERY MEAL.
Most of the time... not all of the time, but most of the time... these meals were fast food joints like burger joints and even fried chicken places.
But I had to keep my physique, so ... what to do?
Well... you'll have to wait. At least a few weeks.
If you want the book for half-price, you have to own a copy of "Every Other Day Dietplan"... everyone who owns a copy before "Fast Food Fitness" hits the Internet will get half-off.
So go here if you don't have EODD yet ...
Here's 3 of my top 25 fast-food diet-tips... just these 3 will take you 1/3 of the way there...
First, use my Half-n-Half Principle. Order whatever you are going to order and then have the person behind the counter cut the order exactly in HALF.
Half to go... half to eat there.
Eat half now.... then the other half 3-4 hours later. Believe it or not you will store less bodyfat and even increase your metabolism eating like this.
Simple trick... give it a shot.
Second, ditch all the starch. That means buns, bread and anything made of flour. BUT here's the "still tastes good" trick I use. I keep ONE of the pieces of bread from, say, my hamburger. Then I "pick" at it while I enjoy the meat and either a small diet soda or tea. Eat no more than 5 "picks" at the bread... about half a slice. You still get the exact taste of a burger with none of the stuff that makes most people over-fat.
Third, for you chicken lovers, split your order between fried and baked chicken. KFC has excellent baked chicken... try it. Then strip most of the skin off the fried chicken. Not all... most.
You still get the taste, but with far fewer bad food-stuffs and calories.... make sense?
Enjoy the tips... but remember, the healthiest (and tastiest) way to eat is still my Every Other Day DIetplan, which works in your favorite foods each week....

Monday, January 25, 2010

How I dropped 11 lbs... on vacation?

It was the weirdest thing ...
I mean, I've been around you know? I've had just about every body and fatloss experience you can think of... the good, the bad, the ugly...
... and now the really bizarre.
Here's the story:
I took off on an 8-day cruise to the Caribbean. This was a "business" cruise (yeah, right)... and I knew there was no way to eat the way I prefer to eat. At least not ideally. After that I had to speak in Tampa Florida at a fitness summit, then off to Las Vegas for yet another summit meeting.
All-in-all I was gone for almost three weeks.
First thing that I knew had to go was my "ideal" dietplan.
That's my "Extreme" Plan on the Every Other Day Dietplan...
click.here----------> CLICK NOW
There are three plans in EODD: The Primer Plan, which is literally "every other day". You get to eat your favorite foods within reason every other day or so on this Plan. It's perfect for folks who 'hate' dieting because, let's face it, anyone can diet-for a day, right? Right.
Then there's the Lifestyle Plans. These are two days of "burn eating" followed by a day of eating favorite foods. Most people use this because it too is so simple to use.
Then for we athletes and fitness pros there's the Extreme Plan. This is for ultimate bodyfat loss and muscle-shaping. I love this plan.
But hey... it's a vacation. And so I decided to eat on the Primer Plan... remember, that's every other day. So every other day on the cruise I had a small dessert (sometimes two), pizza, or pasta... whatever I wanted within reason. The days before I did perfectly, substituting my morning shake for egg white omelets with a bit of cheese and a lot of veggies. Yum!
Within three days I had LOST more than 4 lbs... or about 2 kg. Pure fat... well, a bit of water I suppose, but mostly that stubborn bodyfat around my middle that's the last to go.
What the heck was going on?
Wait... the story gets better...
I move on to Tampa, and then Vegas, and now I'm 11 lbs (about 5 kg) down. My jeans ALL require a belt, only this time it's not a fashion statement.
Frankly, I'm as surprised as you may be.
But I figured out why this happened. And I want to share it with you so you can use EODD (or another plan if you want... but mine is the best... : ) when you go on vacation or take a break.
Here's why I dropped the last bit of my bodyfat:
First, I was on a VERY large cruise ship. I knew my weight training would not be as intense (the weights were not that heavy) but I also knew I could just make it work... train a bit more and go for the "pump"... just a good, quick workout. I ended up training 5 days on the cruise without a problem (and only ONE day of cardio for 20 minutes... you see, you do NOT need cardio to dump bodyfat!)
But the difference was in the WALKING. The ship was the largest ever built... the size of 2.5 football fields. And I walked everywhere... on the islands, on the boat, even to every meal. Just walking burned off FAR more calories than my normal lifestyle, which like most of you has a lot of sitting down to it. ; )
Walking... my favorite "Cardio" to this very day.
My Supplement Tricks
Second, I took extra potassium, along with all of my Radical Fatloss Blueprint Supplements. I carried them all on board.
You can read more about the supplements I take for "radical" fatloss here:
click.here----------> http://www.radicalfatlossblueprint.com
The two that really did the trick for me was the Aqualize (also known as Acquacil), only 1-2 a day, along with the amino acids.
Finally, I realized that I need MORE food than I'm eating now in order to increase my metabolic rate. Just a bit... about 400 calories a day more than I have been eating. Doing just that rebooted my metabolic rate and presto... 11 lbs of bodyfat and useless water is history. My abs have never looked better.
I hope this gives you some encouragement when it comes to being on the road or on vacation. With the right plan (like EODD and Radical Fatloss) you can actually improve your body...
... and best of all, I enjoyed every minute of my vacation!
Yours In Fitness,
P.S. An important note was that I made a decision not to drink on the cruise or elsewhere. I had one small glass of wine last night to celebrate with my largest affiliate and business comrade. He flew in from Israel just for this meeting, and it was the least i could do. Roei and I had a blast all day.
The reason drinking is a problem is that alcohol shuts down fat-burning for several hours... sometimes longer. But a glass of wine or two a week is not going to hurt you. I just made that one small "sacrifice" so I could enjoy ice cream, pizza (I ate four slices one night at 3:00am and woke up leaner!) and all the yummy food the boat had to offer.
So, my final tip: Make a decision to cut out just ONE thing when you're on the road. Alcohol was easy for me as I do not drink that much as it is.
Read more about my personal dietplan and my supplement plan here....
The "Real-World" Fatloss Plan

Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 Fatloss Tricks No One Tells You About

There's a club you should join.
It's called The Insider's Club.
It is that club whose membership is based only on what secret goodies the members possess.
In our case, this is the Fatloss Insider's Club. Only those in the know can join.... freee to them of course... : )
So, if you want to get rid of some lbs...
Today I went for some New York-style pizza here in Austin, Texas.
Do I feel 'guilty'? No way... in fact tomorrow I will feel LEANER.
What the what?
I had to set up my body for this bit of metabolic trickery of course. You cannot just "eat pizza" and shed the pounds... I wish you could!
But my personal System for fatloss not only "allows" pizza (and all my other favorite foods)... it DEMANDS that I eat it.
Here's another true story: I blew off my "feed meal" (that's what it is called in my System) four days ago. I have been on a massive fatloss roll for weeks now and frankly I just did not feel like eating a lot.
That's another benefit of my System... it really cuts your appetite and food-cravings down.
Anyway, the next day in the gym I fell on my face! I was weaker and not any leaner. I went home, ate literally about 6000 cals and presto: Leaner than 'ever' the next day and ready to train hard.
Learn how to use this System here: <-- click. FATLOSS TRICK 2 The 10-Minute Cardio Trick
If you want to just get into good heart health, you only need GXP Cardio (covered in the System mentioned above) 2-3 days per week for 9-15 minutes. That's it.
However if you want to use "smart cardio" (not long, boring cardio) then you need a bit more. Just a bit.
It's my 10-minute trick.
Start with just every other day. Then move to 4 days... and then 5.
If you are pressed for time, this is ideal. Even if you are not, it works like magic.
10 minutes in the morning 'before' you eat. Just make sure your heart rate is only about 65% of your max... in other words, you are not breathing super-heavy at all, but you are working up a sweat. That's it.
10 minutes 'before' lunch. Just cut your lunch hour short by 10 minutes... that's all. You don't sweat enough to need a shower... don't worry. Walking stairs works great, or walking outside... be creative!
Then 10 'harder' minutes about 2 hours before you go to sleep. Get your heart rate up to where you are breathing a little harder.
That's it.
You can even start with just two sessions of 10 minutes (morning and night) if lunch is out.
FATLOSS TRICK 3 Increase Your Fat?
Yep. I want you to eat more dietary-fat.... but I want you to replace some of your carbohydrates (starch like rice, potatoes, etc.) with healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil and almonds.
Fat dulls the appetite and all three of the fats above actually help your body get rid of its fat-stores if you decrease carbs.
I have the plan laid out for you. More here: <-- click. FATLOSS TRICK 4 Think Resistance
Far better than cardio will ever be. That would be resistance training.
Either weight training or in-home resistance training using bands and bodyweight. Studies confirm what we fitness pros already know: Resistance training not only sculpts the body (cardio cannot) but it also burns 9-12x more bodyfat over the long-term than cardio.
But you need both. And both cardio and resistance training (in-home or in the gym) is worked into my book "7 Minute Body."
You can get it when you pick up "Every Other Day Diet" for 75% off-retail... it is all detailed here... <-- click. Welcome to the Club!
Yours In Fitness,
P.S. I'm still giving away "Radical Fatloss Blueprint" along with EODD for a few more days. And I'm giving a lucky few the chance to pick up the Supplement-Kit that comes with Radical Fatloss for almost 100 bucks off... the video and details are here: <-- click.

10 Fatloss Questions You Should Be Asking

There's stuff you know.
Then there's stuff you don't know.
But the key to success in anything is the discovery of one other variable:
The things you don't know you don't know.
Think about that.
So many people ask me questions like...
-- How can I get rid of my stubborn bodyfat?-- How fast can I do it?-- What's the best dietplan for me?
These are good questions, don't get me wrong.
But there are at least 10 questions most people never know to ask.
It's the stuff they didn't know they didn't know... make sense?
Today we'll cover 3 of the 10...
HIDDEN QUESTION 1: "What's The Best Dietary-Fat To Eat To Get Rid Of Bodyfat?"
Sounds nutty, doesn't it?
The media loves to deceive you when it comes to dietary fats... and I'm here to set the record straight:
You absolutely must consume dietary fat in order to burn-off your bodyfat.
There's an old saying: "Fat burns...but in the presence of dietary-fat."
It's true.
There are actually two "Best Fats" you should be eating:
Coconut OilCLA
Coconut oil is ideal to cook with. Use that in place of all the starchy foods you may be eating. You'll get leaner faster... and you'll be a ton more healthy too.
Coconut oil keeps you satisfied longer, lubricates your joints, and yes... actually helps you get rid of stubborn bodyfat.
Use 1 tablespoon per 50 lbs per day, but be sure to decrease your starchy carbs (breads, rice, potatoes, etc.)
CLA is a form of (gasp!) transfat... but it's a healthy form that helps your body get rid of bodyfat. You can only get it in supplement-form... well, that's the best way.
I personally take 4 grams per day. Jarrow is my favorite brand. You can get it at most health food stores.
I cover several other fats you need to eat in my video and book, found here:
<-- Click-Here
HIDDEN QUESTION 2: "Why Is Cardio Bad For Me?"
Okay... that's an over-statement. It's not 'bad' for you... it's just not nearly as 'good' for you as the media and magazines want you to believe.
Especially if you do it the way they suggest: Too long, too frequently.
Do it the way I suggest and watch what happens.
First, spend 80% of your exercise time doing 'resistance' training, not cardio... but rest very brief between sets.
My newest update to "7 Minute Muscle" is called "7 Minute Body". It combines both "7 Minute Muscle" and an additional 100 or so pages of in-home ONLY workouts.
That way you can train in the gym... or in your home... and get it done in 7 to 14 minutes a day. Done!
You will be shaping your body and burning-off some major calories at the same time... all without boring cardio.
Then when you "do" cardio, do it the way I detail in "7 Minute Body"... use the 9-minute GXP Cardio Workout.
Add simple walking to this several days a week and your cardio is set.
GXP works because it is progressive and does not over-tax the recovery system. You warm up, then hit about 85% of your max effort, then cool down.
But the key is 'when' to do it... and that's covered in my book.
I still enjoy sitting on my bike and watching TV, but I do that just to burn-off those last bits of bodyfat. Most of you do not need to do this.
It's a waste of time for the masses... but resistance training is not.
Oh, one more thing: Runners have a far higher degree of heart attacks than non-runners. So cardio 'can' be bad for you if you over-do it.
NOTE: You can pick up "7 Minute Body" at 77% off... but only if you get EODD...
More here:
<-- Click-Here
HIDDEN QUESTION 3: "How Does Pizza Help Me Shed Bodyfat?"
Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?
Think again.
My dietary plan not only "lets" you eat pizza (or whatever your favorite foods might be) every week, several times a week... it DEMANDS that you do it.
What the.... ?
Yep. Here's why.
First, I have you eat less on certain days and certain times. If done the way I suggest your metabolism (the rate you use fat, energy, etc.) will not slow down that much.
Then... at a specific time... boom! You eat a lot more food... and the best way to do this is eating your favorite foods.
First, they usually have more calories.. duh! Second, you'll ENJOY the freakin' process! Most "diets" fail because people hate them... too restrictive.
So I created my System from the ground up to ensure I never got bored with my eating... and the extra cals from pizza (or my favorite... Mexican... or Key Lime Pie... yum) actually boosts my metabolism sky-high.
Here's an example:
Last week I ate the normal Every Other Day Diet-way... for me it's the "Extreme Plan" (there are 4 Plans, each for different goals.)
So, after several days of lower-cal, lower-carb eating, I ate about 5000 calories of Mexican food (so good!) But the TIMING is crucial. You just can wing it. Don't worry... I tell you exactly when to do it.
The next morning I saw more of my abs.
I went back to EODD-style eating, which I love btw... and then later had some Key Lime Pie... and what do you know? Leaner the next day.
Now I'm doing this as I "peak" -- I have to be in top shape in December. The only time I stop this is 4 weeks prior to a photoshoot... but unless you want to be 5% bodyfat (and you probably do not) you never have to stop it.
Works like a charm.
Watch this and find out why:
<-- Click-Here

P.S. Special freebie to those who watch my entire presentation on the page above... very nice... : )

1 Weird Tip

This 1 weird tip works for flattening the belly
Some of my greatest progress in life has come by listening to my elders.
Wisdom often comes with age.
Well in this case, fatloss wisdom comes with really, really... REALLY old age.
I'm talking Fred Flintstone-age.
But once I saw how it works, it made perfect sense to try it myself...
... and what do you know?
Flatter stomach; less bodyfat; and better muscle tone. Even sleep improves.
All from this 1 tip.
There's a presentation you need to see:
<-- Click-Here
That will tell you all about it.
P.S. On this page you'll also discover how to get a really powerful fatloss plan for freee...
Folks can shed up to 21lbs in 21days if they do it right...
<-- Click-Here

4 Worthless Fatburning Exercises

4 Common But Useless Fattburning Exercises
You may be wasting your time in the gym or at home if you are trying to shape your body or get rid of bodyfat.
Most people are. That is when it comes to exercise for getting rid of bellyfat and getting into better shape.
I was in the gym today (nothing new... ; ) and I saw all 4 of these exercises being performed by various gym members (again... nothing new.)
And they are useless for 99% of the people on the planet.
Here they are...
USELESS EXERCISE 1: Walking Dumbbell Lunges
Okay ladies, this one is for you... although I see guys do this exercise as well.
This is where you take a pair of dumbbells and kneel with one leg, then the other, and so-on, walking around the gym as you go.
The idea behind this exercise is to work the butt, and to some extent the thighs... but it's a joke. It's something invented by trainers who should know better.
If you want to build and tone your butt, exercise one leg at a time. Lunges are a great exercise for this, but save your energy. Do them on a Smith Machine or with a barbell. Work one leg at a time, too. Do not alternate legs. This just wears you out aerobically before it has a chance to get to your glutes.
Here's how I perform lunges: On a Smith Machine, with pretty heavy weights... one leg at a time. I will do 2-3 sets, or do them in my 7 Minute Body-style workout fashion. I will finish one leg (and one butt cheek) before moving to the other leg.
Why? Again, to focus on the muscle more intensely and to avoid turning a leg/butt workout into a cardio session.
Jon Benson covers exactly how to work the butt area for the best results in 7 Minute Body and 7 Minute Muscle, found right here:
click.here ----- >
I'm shocked that people still think sit-ups done the old-fashioned way actually work the abs. Even worse, most people have been fooled into believing this actually helps get rid of bellyfat.
Nonsense. Bellyfat is burned off when you have a good nutrition plan and through general exercise, not using exercises for the abs. Ab exercises are fine, but guess what?
I never train my abs more than 3-5 minutes. Today my ab workout took 3 minutes and 12 seconds to complete. And my abs are sore!
But without the nutrition plan, forget it... I'd never SEE my abs at all. I'd just have a nice wall of muscle with a bunch of flab covering it up.
The best nutrition plan for abs is The Every Other Day Dietplan, found here:
click.here ----- >
The best exercises to do for the actual ab muscles are hanging leg raises, done slowly, crunches (if you do them right)... and that's really all you need.
I'm going to get a lot of flack from the guys out there who love to bench, but I'm here to tell you that this exercise for bodyshaping is all but worthless.
Why? Because most people are not built right body-wise to bench press on a flat bench with a barbell. I am not, that's for sure.
Bench presses work if you have short arms, a relatively short torso, and your shoulders are genetically strong.
Protect your shoulders and really work your chest by doing incline dumbbell presses with your palms facing OUT, not in toward your head. This protects the rotator cuff, a part of the shoulder that is often injured using barbell bench presses.
Combine this with a good cable fly or press movement and you're set. Again, you only need about 7-14 minutes of chest work tops to get the job done.
USELESS EXERCISE 4: Most Cardio Exercises
Yep... saved the best for last.
Here's a fact: Most cardio (bike, treadmill, glider, whatever) is a waste to time... UNLESS you do it at the right time with the right nutrition plan.
The calories you burn from cardio will be easily negated simply by eating a bagel! Hardly effective for getting rid of bodyfat. Weight training and/or resistance training at home or with your body weight, as covered in 7 Minute Muscle, is your best bet for exercise that burns-off mega-calories and keeps on burning long after the exercise session is over.
Here's how to use traditional cardio wisely:
1. Do it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach;2. Keep your heart rate down to 75% of your max (220 minus your age x .75 will give you this number, at least approximately); 3. "Burst" for 2-3 minutes in your session up to 85-90% of your max heart rate. 4. OR, do cardio right after weight or resistance training when your heart rate is already elevated and your blood sugar is lower. Your body burns blood sugar first during exercise.
Cardio for most people only needs to be performed 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes. The only time I break this rule is when I want to get my bodyfat below 10%. Then I will do more, but only using the rules above.
Hope this saves you a ton of time with your workouts.
Enjoy your holidays!
P.S. You can get both books, The Every Other Day Dietplan and 7 Minute Body, for a big-time discount by going here and watching this presentation:
click.here ----- >

Why We REALLY Overeat

Fitness author Jon Benson sent this to me today. I found his frank approach refreshing.
Hope you enjoy it as well!
A Rant: Why We REALLY Overeat...
Fair warning ... this one is a rant. It's probably a bit long, but take the time to read it.
I have some things to get off my chest ... and a lot of people reading this will find it refreshing.
We have a problem in this country... hell, this world... with people overeating.
Obviously overeating is one of the primary reasons people are struggling with bellyfat and excess bodyweight in general. The solution to this problem is not "don't eat so much", although that is the end goal.
The solution is to really, REALLY understand how your body uses fuel and how to create a dietplan that allows you to take advantage of it.
First, my rant.
You want to know why 99% of the people who fail to see results from my dietplans... or any dietplan for that matter... REALLY fail?
They do not understand how smart and powerful their bodies really are.
Look... no dietplan on earth will allow you to eat whatever you want every day. That's fatloss suicide.
No pills will cure this. No surgery.
Only this will cure it:
Use your body's own internal appetite mechanisms to your advantage.
I receive hundreds of emails every day from people who see results from my Every Other Day Dietplan.
But I won't lie to you: I also get emails from people who do not.
Welcome to the real world, right? Some people succeed, others do not. It's the same story no matter what your goals may be.
But in fatloss, the difference between success and failure, at least in the case of my readers, is NOT the dietplan... it's the need to fully appreciate how and why it works.
Let me explain...
Here is a picture of me (excuse the quality; this was snapped with a mirror and a cellphone...)
Obviously I have abs... and I'm lean... and because I love to lift weights I also carry a lot of muscle... but the real power behind this picture is what you do NOT see:
--> You do not see what I ate the night before; half a pizza.
--> You do not see how obese I was ten years ago... yes, 70lbs over-fat with a belly that looked like I swallowed a basketball.
--> You do not see how I set my body up to receive this pizza and actually get leaner after eating it.
In case you think I'm on some magical dietplan or taking some fatburning-stimulants... wrong.
I just woke up 5 years ago after studying nutrition for 15 years and finally put 2 and 2 together.
So, here's the facts.
My EODD Plan is build around a simple concept: Eat your favorite foods "frequently" and still drop the bodyweight you want.
And it works... not because it's a gimmick, but because it uses the science of metabolism, natural hormonal manipulation, and psychology to prepare your body to eat more calories.
Now those calories could easily come from, say, three yams... but I prefer pizza. ; )
If you've tried EODD with success, you know what I'm talking about. If not... then read on.
First, EODD never promises you that you can eat however MUCH you want every other day (or in my case, since I'm athlete, every three days)... no, no, NO!
It's whatever you want... not however MUCH you want. That is the sole reason a small fraction of my readers are not seeing the results they want.
Now, here's the beauty of it all:
After about 3 weeks following my System of eating, you simply cannot overeat... well, you can, but you'd have to force-feed yourself in order to pull it off.
You've been feeding yourself frequently for the day or two before your favorite food meals. The higher protein and very low starch content of the nutrition plan (with plenty of veggies) ensures that your body's metabolism stays elevated. BUT... and this is crucial... the amount of food consumed on these days before is not that much.
I'm never starving... I eat too frequently for that, plus the foods on my Plan curb your appetite. But I am not eating anywhere near my maintenance level of calories. I do not count calories (nor should you)... I just follow the System, which does the calorie-counting for me. Plus I know my body really well after all these years.
So, after days of eating enough to keep my metabolism relatively high, and right BEFORE it starts to slow down (your metabolism slows when you do not eat enough, bringing fatloss to a rapid halt) I hit the body with a lot of calories.
BUT... at the right time, and never at certain times.
And, please read this: I do not eat "however much" I want on my feed meals... I eat WHATEVER I want in reasonable portions. I don't have to fight to not overeat, even when it's pizza or burgers (my two favorite cheat meals.) Why? Because my body is set up to want more food, but also trained not to eat too much food at one sitting.
This is because I've been "grazing" -- eating small, frequent meals the days before my feed day. And the body learns to adapt... quickly.
The brain is actually re-trained to signal the stomach that you've had enough food... yes, even when it's dessert, or pizza, or whatever your favorite food may be.
So here's the deal: Yes, you can lose all the bellyfat and bodyfat you want eating like this... but like anything else that works, you have to follow a few simple rules.
The result is a dietplan where you never feel trapped. You always know that tomorrow, or possibly the day after, you can have whatever food you want. Just in reasonable amounts.
If you ask me, this is the perfect trade-off. No starvation, super-healthy eating at least 4 days a week, and you get to eat your cake as well (literally if you want.)
It's not magic -- it's science, and a bit of work on your part. Yes, work.
Nothing happens with effort. But put some effort into this System and boy... there's not a better dietplan on the face of the earth.
Click the link below and watch my full presentation on how and why this works...
Now, one more thing: I do take a few supplements to help the process along. I have a video on the Member's Only page that explains what I take and why.
The good news: Not one of these supplements are stimulants or dangerous. In fact they're all very healthy nutrients the body needs.
In conclusion, I like to think of The Every Other Day Dietplan as "The Thinking Person's Dietplan." Anyone who considers every angle of what it takes to shed bodyfat: Food you enjoy, freedom, a plan that's easy to follow, and flexibility will recognize this right away as the ideal approach.
But, like all ideal approaches, it requires you to re-think the way you eat.
You eat for fuel... period. But you CAN (and should) eat for pleasure too. As long as you keep FUEL as the main reason you are eating in the forefront of your mind, your body (and mind) will follow. Your body will adapt and begin to use both healthy and "not-so-healthy" foods as fuel.
Fuel to power your workouts, help you burnoff that bellyfat and bodyweight you don't want, and empower your sense of control.
Especially now, with the holidays upon us, "food as fuel first; food as pleasure second" should be carved into your dinner table. Because, let's face it: When all that holiday overeating is over with, you will be left with a bigger belly, feeling sluggish, and just one more step away from the body you desire.
My alternative offers the best of both worlds. You just have to be willing to re-think some things and give your body a few weeks to re-learn what it already knows --
When to signal you that you're full, and way before you overeat. And, believe it or not, you can (and should) do this by eating your favorite foods each and every week.
That's the only way to keep your MIND satisfied and happy. And your mind is the key to your body's success.
Thanks for reading

6 Strange Dietary Bedfellows

What do these six things have in common?
--- McDonalds--- Renee Zellweger--- Epileptic children--- Yours truly--- Most bodybuilding and fitness competitors--- Kiefer Sutherland
Give up?
All the above employ the strategies of the low-carb dietplan.
Recently researchers have found that low-carb nutrition plan reduced the number of seizures in epileptic children.
Most of the world's leanest physiques get that way on a regimen, limited or not, of low-carbs and higher protein.
Even McDonalds is getting into the act.
Even Renee Zellweger.
Even Kiefer Sutherland.
Even me.
Read on and I'll explain what I mean...
Why Low-Carb Works
When McDonalds starts counting carb grams in their food, you know someone is either jumping on a trend or finally seeing the light.
In this case, both -- but it is a good thing. Low-carb dietplans. They work.
For the masses, they work because they are the easiest nutrition plan to follow when you're busy.
McDonalds and stars like Kiefer Sutherland figured this out. The busy on-the-go guy or gal doesn't want to make the time to prepare six meals per day and carry them around in Tupperware.
When choosing my own lifestyle nutrition plan, time and convenience played a major role. I looked at role models who were very busy, formerly obese, and very lean.
Most of them rely in some form or fashion on a low-carb strategy.
Low-carb also works, much to the hem and haw of traditional doctors and nutritionists, due to the way the body processes fuel.
For those of us fortunate enough to grow up on whole grains and very low-sugar mealplans, a moderate to higher-carb nutrition plan may work just fine.
But most of us grew up eating junk.
Processed foods, fast foods, and downright junk was the cornerstone of our dietplans. That puts your body on the "carb defense."
After years of abuse the body becomes resistant to carbohydrates. The insulin they produce can cause all sorts of health issues, fat-burning problems, and more.
When carbs are removed, even healthy carbs like whole grains, the body has time to re-adjust.
In some cases, you can go back to a moderate-carb plan with whole grains and fruits after a period of time.
In others, you are a "low-carber" for life.
Guess which one I am?
Finally, low-carb works because you tend to eat less. Fat is very satiating, and most low-carb plans are fairly high in dietaryfat.
So, in recap:
--- Easy and convenient;--- Metabolically important for carb recovery;--- Lower in total food volume (eat less)
Do not make light of that first point. Any plan that is not simple is one very few people will stick to. Making your plan simple and tasty is key, even if that plan is not "perfect" by nutritional standards.
Now, by far, the best low-carb dietplan in the world (yes, I'm bias for good reason!) is this:
click.here ------>
EODD works so well because your carbs are low for "most" of the time. Not "all" of the time. And the times when your carbs are not low you can enjoy your favorite foods.
Personally I enjoy pizza and burgers on my non-low-carb days. You can enjoy whatever you want if you just keep it reasonable.
You see, there's no need to diet-perfect.
Progress always trumps perfection.
Why Low-Carb Fails
There are two primary reasons for the failure of the low-carb nutrition plans: boredom and media bashing.
One causes irritability. The other, doubt. Unless you're certain that your plan will work, you will eventually go off of it.
This is true of any plan, no matter how ideal it is. Certainty rules.
That's why I believe in having a flexible, tasty plan like EODD.
Then boredom is easily solved.
I share my own unique ideas about "cycling" carbs and fats in the presentation here:
click.here ------>
Using my cycle strategy you will rarely if ever become bored. And your body will burn more bodyfat too. It's just a cheap metabolic trick...but boy, it works.
The second reason is media and medical bias. One study after another has proven that low-carb plans, even the Atkins plan, works and is safe to use for most people.
Check with your doctor first, of course.
I've seen researchers get down-right angry when the results come back. In one study, carried out for a full year, the low-carb plan out-performed the so-called "healthy" Dean Ornish plan.
Lower blood fats, more fatloss, and more energy were the results.
My preference always comes back to low-carb nutrition. I just cycle it in a way that allows me to get plenty of veggies, some grains, and ample fiber.
Even a slice of cheesecake here and there... : )
Hey...I said "low-carb", not "low-life!"
P.S. One of these days the mainstream medical community will wake up to the fact that 90% of the population will never eat 15 servings of veggies per day.
While this may be "optimal", it's not at all practical. I'd rather give you down-to- earth practical nutrition advice that you CAN and WILL follow -- and enjoy.
Makes sense, doesn't it?
click.here ------>

3 reasons why obesity is... a disease?

I bet you didn't know this ...
Obesity...even being overfat... is a disease.
No, really.
At least that's what several social groups wish you to believe. "Suffers Of Obesity" is just one of those groups. Their entire stance is obesity (which, btw, can be only 30lbs or so over your ideal bodyweight) is an actual disease.
Well, is it?
Yes... and no.
Comedian Ricky Gervais has a hilarious go at this stance... that obesity is a disease. You sometimes have to laugh, you know? ; )
"No... it's not a disease... it's greed. You just love to eat," or so Gervais believes.
Well, in my first newsletter for 2010, a new decade with new ideas, I'm here to share a new idea with you:
We really need to redefine some words.
One of those words is "disease".
Case-in-point: Wikipedia.com defines disease...
"In human beings, "disease" is often used more broadly to refer to any condition that causes pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems, and/or death to the person afflicted, or similar problems for those in contact with the person. In this broader sense, it sometimes includes injuries, disabilities, disorders, syndromes, infections, isolated symptoms, deviant behaviors, and atypical variations of structure and function, while in other contexts and for other purposes these may be considered distinguishable categories."
Let's think about that.
If you bump your knee against a sharp object, is this a new disease called "bumpuskneeitis?" Er... no. It's an accident. Sure, it may 'cause' a specific set of symptoms that could broadly (as in as broad as the back-side of a barn) be considered a "disease", but ... no. It's an accident with biological consequences.
Social problems? So, if I decide to read 17 books on why my parents suck as a teenager and develop anti-social behavior, is this a "disease"? NO! This is the angst of youth combined, perhaps, with poor parenting! Sure, it can lead to mental issues that could be classified as "disease", but guess what?
It's totally within your control. No one force-fed the books to the teen. And no one is force-feeding you, or anyone you know.
That decision is yours and yours alone... and anyone, repeat ANYONE on the face of planet earth can change their behaviors and attitudes toward food.
Okay, some more thoughts on disease:
Let me give you a few examples of what is typically thought of as "disease"...
--- Leprosy--- Cancer--- Hypothyroidism
We'll just take three... there are thousands as you know.
Now, we can all agree that these three states represent true "disease". The first you could catch by accident; the second is a combination of genetics, environment, and who-knows-what-else, and the third is almost always genetic.
One, cancer, is something you 'may' be able to do something about. For example, lung cancer. 90% of lung cancer patients contract the disease from smoking.
Let's just cover these 90%, shall we?
And folks, I'm asking for an open mind here...
Is lung cancer, in the case of the 90%, REALLY a disease?
Or is it a biological consequence?
Sure, "cancer" is a disease. But what caused it in this case? Something involuntary? Hardly. Something that could not be stopped?
No way.
The 90% caused it. Period.
Welcome to the real world.
So, I propose this: We redefine "disease" as an abnormal biological condition that we DO NOT have direct cause or effect over.
Airborne viruses: Disease. Obesity: NOT a disease.
And yes, lung cancer in chain smokers: NOT a disease; it's a biological outcome. The end result should be treated as a disease, of course, but come on: Where is the responsibility folks?
Life, if you want to life it fully and without fear, is ALL about taking total responsibility. That's empowerment. Anything less is... well, LESS.
In our example, lung cancer is no more a "disease" than, say, me hitting myself over the head with a hammer every day and causing brain damage is a disease.
Brain damage (not self-induced) = disease.
Brain damage caused by self-inflicted hammer-hitting = biological consequence. In this case of sheer stupidity!
Now, one could (and many will) make the argument that I had a "mental" disease that caused me to WANT to hit myself over the head with a hammer... but... well...
At this point we need to redefine the word "disease" in my opinion. Here's why:
First, if this were the case, I could say that all criminals have a disease.
They all have a mental disease that makes them want to kill, steal... you name it.
This may in fact BE true... we do not know... but do we hold them NOT responsible if it is? No, we do not.
And that brings us back to obesity.
Obesity and being overfat is not a disease folks... ------ > it's a biological consequence.
And, with the exception of the extremely 'rare' cases of total glandular dysfunction from birth, obesity... your bodyweight... is your responsibility.
Period. End of story.
Sorry, but that's the way the ball bounces.
Am I being mean? No. I was obese. I have a right to speak my mind about it, and trust me: My depression (a disease... sorta... some genetic, but a lot of it was caused by eating too much sugar) definitely aided in my obesity.
Then how come I'm not obese any more?
I found a better way to eat. I re-trained my body to crave this style of eating (and exercise) over stuffing myself with pizza and burgers every day.
Here's what I use:
It torches bellyfat... and it reprograms the body and mind to use food as fuel... especially if you use Jon's "7 Minute Body" workout system (you can get it at 77% off after you pick up EODD on the page above... ; )
So be brave. Be fearless. And be responsible.
Oh... and be sure not to catch "internetemailitis"... its a disease that causes you to want to check your email more than 10 times a day.
I have it. So be careful... may be contagious. : )
P.S. Author Jon Benson documents his journey from obesity to total leanness in EODD. He had to overcome 'real' diseases, like pituitary failure from a high fever (i.e. viral pneumonia that almost killed him) and clinical depression (partially what he calls "his fault"; partially not... i.e. half disease, half biological consequence.) He KNOWS what you can do once you have a solid plan in place and a determined mind.
Then no "disease" can stop you... at least the ones that do not kill you.
So go for it... be brave, be responsible... and be lean!

5 Surprising Things That Make You Leaner

Want to be leaner?
Good deal... here's 5 tips that will help you along...
TIP 1 Ditch The Starch
Starches, such as rice, potatoes, some veggies, oats, etc. are often considered "health foods."
While they can be healthy, they can also pack on stomach bodyfat like crazy if you overdo them.
As you may know, my "Every Other Day Diet" System (EODD) actually encourages you to eat starches and even sweets several days a week to get rid of excess weight:<-- click NOW.
( Some of you may see a survey here on how best to help with your bodyweight goals. )
Well... how does THAT work?
Simple: Timing is everything.
And we take a "weekly" approach to foods rather than a daily approach. This keeps your metabolism guessing. If your body cannot figure out what you're up to, fatburning is that much more powerful. And you can get by with eating starches... at least a specific times on specific days.
But if you're not going to do EODD, then you'll have to wing it. And the best way to wing it is to simply cut starches out entirely for 4-8 weeks. Then slowly add them back a few days per week.
This is no where near as effective (or as fun) as the EODD method, but it will get you pointed in the right direction.
TIP 2 Can The Sodas
This one is really hard for me. I've been hooked on diet-soda on and off for years. When I go to get into top shape (like I am now) I have to get rid of the diet-sodas... yes, DIET-sodas. Need I say "real" sodas too? They are loaded with sugar.
Why diet-sodas? A recent study revealed that people who drank diet-sodas actually increased bodyfat when compared to those who drank sugar-sodas. What the... ??
Yep. Your body cannot be fooled by aspartame and chemicals. Sorry, but that's the truth.
Here's a personal story: When I cut out the diet-sodas my bodyfat drops like a rock in a pond of clear water.
And that's what you need to be drinking: A quart of pure water per 50 lbs of bodyweight a day.
I mix it with lemon and a bit of Stevia (an herbal sweetener) and make lemonade. It's wonderful!
TIP 3 Stay Hungry
Arnold's first movie was "Stay Hungry" (well, after "Pumping Iron" that is). You cannot rest on your butt and stay hungry. You cannot think you've "arrived" and stay hungry.
It takes a special person to be hungry... and an even greater one to stay that way.
I want you to stay hungry in two ways: In how you workout and literally... stay a bit hungry before you go to bed. Not "starving"... just a bit hungry.
For your workouts, I have a great solution. If you pick up EODD you'll get a limited shot at "7 Minute Body"... my combination of "7 Minute Muscle" and "The 7 Minute In-Home Workout" in one book... and for more than half off... but that's a very limited deal. Gotta have EODD... you'll need them both... <-- click NOW .
( Some of you may see a survey here on how best to help with your bodyweight goals. )
You see, progression -- "forced" progression -- is the best way to stay hungry. 7 Minute Body forces you to progress without thinking about it. Progression is built into the System.
As far as staying hungry at night? Check with your doctor and if he/she okays it take 500mg of potassium and 1000mg of magnesium/calcium a few hours prior to bed. This helps with the hunger pangs. Also, keep hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. If you get really hungry, eat one with half the yolk (toss the other half.) It keeps me full for an hour at least.
TIP 4 Cardio Clarity
Hours and hours of cardio a day is not the answer. However, you can do "light" cardio (i.e. brisk walking, or riding the bike at 60% of your max) just to burn off calories. That's okay... and personally I don't find it that boring if I'm watching a TV show. It does not interfere with my main fatloss exercise (weight training... YES!) and it burns off about 400 calories an hour.
What does work is early morning fasting cardio... but you only need 9-15 minutes. I explain the GXP Protocol (Modified) in the 7 Minute Body book, available only if you pick up EODD, and you can get it at more than half off: <-- click NOW .
( Some of you may see a survey here on how best to help with your bodyweight goals. )
TIP 5 Get Raw At Night Raw veggies with your last meal and as a snack will really help your fatburning along. I started with red peppers because they're sweet. Now I eat virtually every veggie raw at night without thinking about it. Give this a shot. The fatloss is well worth it.
----> Note : Jon is still giving away "Radical Fatloss Blueprint" along with EODD for a few more days. And he is giving a lucky few the chance to pick up the Supplement-Kit that comes with Radical Fatloss for almost 100 bucks off... the video and details are here: <-- click NOW .

Obesity and Swine Flu

Well, it is happening:
Swine flu is beginning to really take hold.
Not just in the United States, but all over the world.
But that's not the scary part...
... the scary part is the fact that being obese OR overweight has now been directly linked to DYING from the swine flu.
My friend Jon Benson put together a 5-minute video that documents these findings.
This is freee for you to view -- and you owe it to yourself to check it out.
Go here -- NOW<--- click.to.watch
Folks, we have to get a grip on this.
And believe it or not, it starts in your kitchen.
Watch the video to find out what to do.

"How To Avoid Those 5 Awful Words..."

The Five Dreaded WordsAvoid "I'm Not in the Mood" with Some Libido-Lifting Tips Tell me if you can relate to the following experience:
A long week of work has finally reached its end. Sure, the week was difficult, but the main reason for its lengthiness was due to anticipation -- anticipation of what the weekend held in store.
All weekends are great. But this weekend was billed to be WAY above average. Why? Because you were spending it with your significant other, away from it all, in one of the finest of hotels your city has to offer. And if a little bit of luck was on your side, it would turn out to be one of the more memorable "experiences" of a lifetime -- ahem, if you know what I mean (and I think you do).
Turns out, things didn't go as planned. The hotel was great, and the decor was to die for, but The Five Dreaded Words were spoken, the ones that always put the kibosh on a romantic night of lovemaking: "I'm not in the mood."
Each one of us have either felt or heard these words spoken before, and whether you're the giver or the receiver, it's never pleasant. Sex is a HUGE part of a relationship, and when opportunities for lovemaking go by the wayside, it frequently diminishes forthcoming opportunities -- whether it's due to fear of the same thing happening again, or the lowering of expectations.
The key, of course, is to have that "motivation" within you at all times so those Five Dreaded Words are never spoken. Here's a small helping of ways in which to keep your libido lifted so you can avoid the 5DW :
Skeptics argue that keeping one's libido lifted through diet is a self-fulfilling prophecy; in other words, if you think almonds or chocolate will lift your libido, odds are good they will.
But scientific evidence -- not psychosomatic hogwash -- suggests that certain foods do, indeed, lift one's libido. For example, a study from Southwestern University found that coffee beans lift the libido of females. For men, the love-lifting libation is tea, specifically Damiana tea. Alternative health expert Dr. Sarah Brewer says the ingredient responsible for increasing male libido in this tea is called gonzalitosin. This ingredient sends a tingling sensation to the penis.
As a man, all I can say is, "Say no more!"
Supplementing with vitamins and minerals are, hopefully, a normal part of your daily regimen, but specific supplements provide a great boost to your sex drive. Take St. John's Wort as an example.
St. John's Wort has a multitude of benefits -- from improving one's mood to improving one's mind -- and those benefits can be found in the bedroom. Because of its mood-improving properties, studies have shown that 60 percent of people formerly uninterested in sex regained their interest after taking St. John's Wort.
Care for two more? Try ginseng and gingko biloba on for size (and no, I don't mean that kind of size). Ginseng is one of the earliest herbs to be widely marketed in the United States, and it's taken by millions of people regularly for the natural boost of energy it provides. So for people whose energy levels leave them pooped time comes for whoopee, ginseng is just the thing.
As for gingko biloba, this oddly-named herb stimulates blood flow throughout the body and brain (which explains why it's taken by those who have a hard time remembering things). As blood flow improves its flow throughout the body, it serves as the perfect elixir for those who have a hard time getting a, shall we say, "hard on."
Research published in the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy found that men who took gingko biloba regularly were able to maintain erections after six months (granted, gingko biloba is not an overnight healer, but the improvement took place, and it took place without the negative side effects that always accompany male impotency drugs).
A low libido may feel like something that's out of your hands; something that will come back on its own in its own due course. That may be the case, but more often than not, it can be through our every-day actions and lifestyle.
For more information on the "Why?" and "How?" of libido, you may want to check out a great new website I've discovered. ( CLICK HERE )you'll discover some of the hidden reasons why your libido has been slumping for so long, but more importantly, how to get it on the upswing quickly, painlessly, and naturally.
I hope you'll take this opportunity and visit ( CLICK HERE )today. By the time your next weekend getaway comes around, you'll thank me (and your partner will thank you).
I recommend you visit their website immediately, where you'll get a crash course on how this issue has affected me personally; more information on the links between what's 'down there' and hypertension; and most important of all, how you can improve the health of your body and your relationship...all-naturally.

"Freee fatloss course and book!"

Free fatloss course and book
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After the course, you get his "Radical Fatloss Blueprint" freee too. This is all about how he and a group of "guinea pigs" experimented with natural techniques and got up to 21 lbs of unwanted bodyfat off in just 21 days.
The average was 17.5, but some people got as much as 30 lbs off.
All with little to no muscle lost.
It then outlines the 'exact' workout and supplement "feeding" schedule Jon still uses to get into top shape in 21 days.
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This is his gift to my readers, and I am thrilled to share it with you.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Now THIS is interesting..."

[ Editor's Note: Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you.]
Have you ever started out to do one thing but ended up doing something different?
Night and day different?
Remember how Post-It Notes were invented?
Some guy was trying to come up with a "permanent" glue.
Obviously he failed... and he considered it a failure... but 3M had another idea.
The guy was all of a sudden Joe Brilliant.
Well, I'm feeling a bit like Joe today.
But this is much more interesting to you than Post-It Notes...
It's about s - e - x... sorta.
Not dirty, I'm talking about couple's stuff here.
My new book just came out today about it.
But it didn't start off that way at all.
In fact ... get this... I was co-writing a book with medical researcher Frank Mangano on lowering blood pressure without meds... really.
So how did this big U-turn occur?
Okay, okay.... funny, true story:
I read this article from a medical journal about how "lowering blood pressure would help sexual-performance-problems."
Ding. The lightbulb went off in my head.
You see, lowering blood pressure is probably the most healthy thing you can do for yourself.
But face it -- it's really, really BORING.
I mean, who really cares about their blood pressure unless their doctor says, "Look, lower your blood pressure or you'll die in six months."
Then you care.
Are you with me?
I'm right and we all know it.
Heck, I was the same way.
I ignored my blood pressure for years until it hit stroke-level back in my 30s.
Then I could no longer ignore it.
I found every natural alternative possible... which led me to Frank's books... and they are the BEST.
So Frank comes to me and asks me to contribute to his very popular on-the-shelf book "The Blood Pressure Miracle" --
... and I said,
"Hey, guess what I just read?"
Since he's the researcher, I said, "Go see if there's any truth to this."
The results BLEW MY MIND.
Not only is there truth to it -- that, yes... lowering blood pressure not only extends your life but also extends your sexlife as well -- but WOW... it's a major player in everything from male-ED to females feeling "out of the mood."
It's crazy, but it's true.
It makes sense once you read this: CLICK NOW<--- Low Pressure Sex-System Hang with me: It gets better... So Frank digs up article after article on the subject of high blood pressure and LOW sexual-energy and performance... and we have a much more compelling reason to want to lower our blood pressure, now don't we? But we wanted more. I said, "Look Frank, I get a lot of emails about sex-after-30... people who want to feel more kick, more alive in that area of their lives... and above all, closer to their mates." So... we decided to add another book on TOP of our book... ... a book on improving sexual-pleasure for couples only. "RevolutionarySex" is the name of it. My friend Alex Allman wrote it...and just like that we had two books instead of one. But that's not all... ( told you... this story is interesting... ; ) THEN my friend Jeff Anderson comes out with his "homemade V" -- and guys, we know what "V" stands for. Listen: V (little blue things) is really dangerous stuff. It really is. It RAISES blood pressure for one thing. For another it can cause addiction and memory loss. But Jeff's version is all-natural, cheap (we're talking pennies instead of dollars per "pill" to make) and above all... SAFE. So all of a sudden... THREE books (plus an audio)... so... It became a System, not a book. And the topic went from "lowering blood pressure" to ... ... How you can completely solve your sexual-performance-problems and increase your pleasure all by lowering blood pressure naturally without meds." What a concept... ...and it WORKS. CLICK NOW <--- Low Pressure Sex-System Here are the advantages... 1. If you take blood pressure meds... and a lot of you do... your "kick in the stick" suffers. A lot. Some men suffer all the way, which lead them to taking the V stuff... ... and that stuff 'raises' blood pressure. Bad, bad combo. Our System gets you off of that dangerous and expensive cycle of drugs and on to a natural, easy approach that also adds pleasure to your relationship. 2. Cheaper... by far... than meds. 3. Something you can read and do as a couple or as a single person. 4. You get healthy and you get your vigor back at the same time. Ladies too. 5. It's guaranteed-to-work... 60 days on us. I'm very proud of this System. We put a lot of time, research and effort into it. If you want a life freee from high BP and sexual-performance-issues and better health, then go here: CLICK NOW <--- Low Pressure Sex-System P.S. There's even more to this story -- We created an "Advanced Health and Relationship-Saver Kit" that comes with the most awesome self-hypnosis audios to help you relieve stress, lower pressure, increased your "drive", and more. You can get the starter Kit or the Advanced Kit here: CLICK NOW <--- Low Pressure Sex-book
Here's to your health... and your increased pleasure and enjoyment.